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Your CRM strategy is in place but it’s not delivering the uplift in sales or satisfaction you thought it would. Your sales team are complaining about marketing not delivering ‘‘quality’’ leads.  Sound familiar?  It could be that your customer data strategy is the problem. Or perhaps it is simply the fact you don’t have a customer data strategy.

We can help you to design, build and enhance a customer data strategy that will transform your data into a valuable strategic asset.

Ajna Marketing Zone Data Consultancy Solutions


Data Pathfinder Data strategy development 

Data Pathfinder is our approach to designing your data strategy.  Pathfinder helps your organisation define how, why and what data is to be gathered, managed, protected and leveraged.  The process will answer key strategic questions for you.

  • How can data enhance your business goals?
  • What are the the data policies, processes and standards?
  • What data governance model is right for your business?
  • How can you build a sustainable data culture?
  • What tools and behaviours do you need to improve
  • How will you monitor and measure your data strategy?

On successful completion of the Pathfinder process we can also support you as you move from strategy development to implementation.


Data consultancy - Ajna Marketing Zone

Data Evaluator Data audit

The devil is in the data detail. Data Evaluator is a full review of your current data architecture and operational processes.  A data audit will identify data weaknesses or risks and uncover new opportunities.

The key output of Data Evaluator is an action plan that will enhance the quality, processes, procedures and management of customer data, both structured and unstructured.

Our Data Evalutator review covers areas such as:

Data sources, data capture methods, standards and integration

Data quality/validation / integration processes

Data protection and privacy policies and standards

Data retention, storage and security policies and practices


Data Trainer Best practice training and resourcing

In a digital world practically every role in an organisation requires some understanding and appreciation of the value of data.  Customer data, if misused or mismanaged, can quickly become a liability exposing your organisations to new risks.  Is your marketing team properly equipped to deliver compliant campaigns?  Have your front line staff the knowledge and processes to engage with customers without  contravening customer privacy? How do you keep your customer data secure?

Our Data Trainer solution can provide tailored training courses for employees starting out in data-critical roles or deliver refresher and advanced courses for those needing to expand their skills. We have best practice guidelines or can develop business-specific tool kits in areas such as

  • Data protection and privacy legislation
  • Business specific compliance requirements
  • Marketing campaign check lists
  • Omni-channel customer service guidelines

We also provide support and advice about how to create, recruit and coach for data-related roles.


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