CRM / CX Consultancy

CRM /CX Consultancy 

Customer relationship management (CRM) is about building sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. It’s about delivering great Customer EXperience (CX) consistently.

Successful CRM is deeply embedded in your business. It is aligned to your vision, your people and business culture, your business processes. It is enabled by technology. That’s right – enabled by technology.

CRM should never be just about implementing a new software solution. It must always lead back to building a consistently great EXperience for your new and existing customers.

CRM consultancy solutions


Typically businesses find themselves at very different stages on their Customer Experience Management journey. Our CRM/CX consultancy solutions reflect this and we offer support in the following areas:

– CRM /CX strategy development
– CRM /CX implementation
– Troubleshooting
– CRM/CX  people capability build






CRM Pathfinder – Strategy development

The CRM Pathfinder approach will help you to define your customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. It will clarify how CRM can support your business goals.  In our experience a successful CRM/CX strategy is built on

-meeting a real business need or opportunity

-sound principles and a flexible framework

-an enterprise-led approach

Best practice companies organisational do not implement technology without strategy - Ajna Marketing Zone



CRM Pathbuilder Project management

Let’s assume your strategy is clear. You know what you want to achieve.  CRM Pathbuilder is our project management approach to move you from the strategy definition phase to the build-and-implement phase.  We have many years of experience of implementing complex CRM/CX progammes.
CRM Pathbuilder covers all the bases:-

  • customer journey and business process mapping
  • data and database architecture
  • technology – requirements build
  • people and behaviours
  • analytics and measurement


CRM Evaluator Troubleshooting

You have met a significant CRM roadblock.  Your business is experiencing some real pain points? CRM Evaluator allows us to work with you on specific areas or gaps that require attention such as

  • root-cause analysis
  • customer journey mapping
  • software vendor evaluation or procurement
  • new campaign innovation

Best practice companies pirioritise organisational capability before technology Ajna Marketing Zone

CRM People Coaching and resourcing

If your business is in transition or facing short-term resourcing issues we have the option to provide you with interim management CRM /CX professionals to bridge the gap.

If you are seeking to build CRM /CXcapability we can also provide coaching, 121 training and tailored workshops with your people to share best practice.





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