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Your ability to continuously meet and exceed your customers’ needs will ultimately determine the success of your business.

Create meaningful, relevant customer conversations. Deliver great customer experience (CX). And you will stay connected to your customers and move ahead of competitors.

In an always-on, multi-channel, digital world, leveraging customer data and the power of analytics are critical to achieving this connection with your customers.

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Ajna Marketing Zone team has the expertise, the experience and a hands-on approach to help your business build capability in customer relationship and customer experience (CX) management, customer data management and data analytics.

Our range of consultancy solutions is outlined below.





>> CRM /CX Consultancy

Considering your CRM strategy seriously for the first time?  Or in need of a roadmap to get your customer experience (CX) to the next level?  Our CRM  and Customer Experience consultancy solutions fit with businesses who find themselves at each point along the customer relationship and experience journey.

CRM/CX Pathfinder – Strategy development

CRM/CX Pathbuilder Project management

CRM/CX Evaluator – Troubleshooting

CRM/CX People Coaching and resourcing


>> Customer Data Consultancy

Your CRM strategy is in place but it’s not delivering the uplift in customer satisfaction you thought it would. Your sales team are complaining about marketing not delivering ‘quality’ leads.  Sound familiar?  It could be that it’s your data strategy that’s the problem. Or perhaps the fact you don’t have a data strategy!   We provide a range of consultancy solutions that can help you design, build, assess or evolve your business’ customer data strategy.

Data Pathfinder Data strategy development

Data Evaluator Data audit

Data Trainer Best practice tool kit and training


 >> Customer Analytics Consultancy

Analytics PathFinder  Strategy development

Analytics Evaluator Structure and systems audit


 >> Marketing Services

Whether it be strategy development, project management/delivery or getting your small business off the ground we provide a range of marketing services to support you on a temporary/contract basis.

Digital marketing  ¦ Brand & marketing communications ¦ Content Marketing ¦ Social media ¦ Web design ¦ Business start up


Working with you

The Ajna Marketing Zone approach is pragmatic, results-oriented, cost effective and flexible.  Any of the above services can be provided on an advisory, retainer, project management or interim management basis.

Our flexible approach allows us to work with you if you are either a small to medium-sized business starting out on your CRM/CX or customer data journey or cater for larger businesses needing to build capability rapidly.

Contact us today to discuss any requirements you have.