What does Ajna mean?

What does Ajna mean?

It’s the question we get asked all the time… what does Ajna mean?

Ajna is the Sanskrit (an ancient language of India) word  for ”Third Eye”, sometimes referred to as the mind’s eye. The Ajna energy centre or chakra lies between our two eyebrows, directly in front of the pineal gland.  When in equilibrium, this energy centre balances out the left and right hemispheres of our brain.

What does Ajna mean? Ajna mean Third Eye - Deep Insight


Our left brain, when activated is our logical, rational, thinking mode whilst our right brain is associated with emotion, passion and creativity. Successful modern marketing requires a unique blend of both.

Given the access to enormous volumes of data, a proliferation of marketing technology tools and analytical  capability, ajna marketing – a powerful cocktail of marketing creativity and logic – is now within the reach of every business.  When your business uses the right data, leverages the right analytical tools AND allows those creative marketing juices to flow, you are officially operating in the ”ajna marketing zone”.




How is Ajna reflected in our logo?Ajna Marketing Zone what does Ajna mean

The ‘eye’ of our logo reflects the importance of intuition and insight in the marketing process. The speckled grains within the eye represent the importance of granular data as a vital input to insight generation.

The colour associated with the Ajna energy centre, the Third Eye is Indigo or deep purple.

Finally, the use of grey reflects our belief that there are no black and white rules about marketing, no one universal truth, no one right way. As marketers we are always faced with options, multiple paths we can follow. That’s what keeps life interesting!


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