Ajna Marketing Zone

Ajna Marketing Zone is a Dublin-based marketing consultancy specialising in helping organisations – big and small – to develop and deploy effective customer experience management strategies. Build a robust CRM strategy, support it with the right customer data, sound processes, technology and analytics and you will deliver great Customer eXperience (CX) and drive growth in your business.

Ajna Marketing Zone Consultancy Solutions

Ajna Marketing Zone was founded in 2014 by Susan Ní Dhubhlaoich who has over 20 years’ experience working in senior roles with CRM/CX, analytics and data.

Ajna means ”third eye”. The Ajna energy centre sits between our two eyebrows and balances out the left and right hemispheres of our brains. The left brain, when activated is our logical, rational, thinking mode whilst the right brain is associated with emotion, passion and creativity.

Successful modern marketing requires a unique blend of both the rational and the creative. That’s what it means to be in the ‘ajna marketing zone’ 

Let us help you get there.



Our approach?

Our approach is pragmatic, results-oriented, cost-effective and flexible. We can provide our consultancy services on an advisory, retainer, project management or interim management basis.

This flexible approach allows us to work with both small to medium-sized businesses starting out on their CX or customer data journey as well as cater to larger businesses who need to build capability rapidly. Our approach assures you of tailored, quality results.  And importantly, all this without paying the top rates associated with larger public consultancies.


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